What is Melanotan II

What is Melanotan II

 Melanotan II is a self-administrable peptide (protein) which acts on melanocytes to stimulate the body’s natural production of melanin. Melanin is the substance in skin that produces skin pigment. By increasing melanin production, the skin’s natural pigment becomes darker, or ‘tanned’. Rather than develop a tan by spending excessive hours in harsh, ageing UV rays, by increasing body’s melanin production you are able to achieve that all year round sun-kissed look by adding a biological protection to your skin against damaging UV rays, rather than extensively subjecting your body to them 


What are the benefits of Melanotan II?

 Melanotan II is used primarily for tanning and darkening skin pigmentation. It is also used to produce erections in men with erectile dysfunction (ED), for rosacea, for fibromyalgia, and other conditions

By promoting deep pigmentation via melanin production deep in the skin MT2 helps skin to tan faster and more efficiently, generating a natural defense against UV rays.

MT2 builds natural melanin within your body to deepen skins pigment, meaning the amount of exposure time to UV rays to achieve a deep and dark tan is drastically reduced.

Whilst natural tans fade in a matter of days, particularly over the winter months, MT2 allows you to enjoy a deep warm tan for months with minimal to no UV exposure 


How to mix Melanotan II vials How to Mix and use Melanotan II

 Even the most quality product can appear ineffective if not used properly. That’s why it’s crucial to carefully read the instructions for any drug you take, regardless of the intensity of the impact it has on your organism. We have developed a thorough guide on how to use Melanotan 2 to help you get the most out of it and avoid unwanted side-effects. Please, read it carefully to make your treatment safe and resultative.  How to mix MTII vials for both injection and nasal administration. The product comes in two separate flasks. Their contents should be combined to get one solution. Mixing Melanotan 2 does not take much trouble. However, there are certain rules to follow to ensure the substance works appropriately. Please, take these steps to reap maximum rewards from your treatment: pull off the blue cap from Melanotan II injection vial   clean the surfaces of the vials with an alcohol wipe which are included with the kits  


How is Melanotan II Administered

 Melanotan II is administered either nasally via our nasal insufflation kits where the peptide is absorbed into the blood through the mucous membrane linings of the sinuous cavities, or via subcutaneous lipid injection via a small insulin needle into fatty deposits of the stomach, inner thighs or buttocks.



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